Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At The Farm Market

At The Farm Market 12" x 9" acrylic on canvas

I had a lot of fun painting making this painting. I enjoyed the large shadow and the dappled sunlight on the drive. This scene is of rural Ontario, Canada and is of a farm where in the fall offers horse & wagon rides and among other things has a farm market selling their harvest of fruit & vegetables.
The painting is done from my photo reference, but when I take a reference photo, I spend a great deal of time framing the composition, so it is very close to how I envisioned the painting when I was there. This painting is all about values of color. I started the painting by using a thin wash of burn umber and simply drawing with the brush right on the canvas. Then with the same color, I blocked in my darks. From there I carefully added the local colors, and changed values as I went to get it right. I painted the shapes that I saw, and then slowing the painting began to focus. I never want to be a camera, or do a camera's job, so I paint with a loose but controlled impressionist brush style. This to me captures a feel of the scene that cannot be equaled with a camera.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Need Help Naming This Painting

(name suggestion?) 12" x 9" acrylic on canvas SOLD

I made this painting Feb 1st, 2oo7, and have yet to name it. It was extremely cold, as I was out driving, I saw this stand of rushes at the side of the road where the snow was very bright and dazzling. I was totally drawn to it. I rarely go out without my camera, but I did this time and I actually drove home to get my camera and then came back to make some reference photos of it.

I really like the colors within the snow, and I like the abstract feel created by the 3 horizontal bands of snow, vegetation and sky. I've yet to name it however, so if anyone can come up with a good name for this painting, leave me a comment, and I may end up using the best as the actual title.