Friday, July 07, 2006

Thursday July 6 Painting.

"From the Forks" acrylic on canvas 12" x 9"

I have been painting a lot of trees and water, so for this week's painting, I wanted to do some buildings. As most know, I live in London, Canada, and we are very fortunate and have beautiful park facilities. This painting location is right in the heart of London, at the Forks of the Thames river, which divides in two directions where the park is located. The park has bike and walking paths, play areas and a water fun area, but it also has a magnificent view of the city, and that was what I was after for this painting.
This painting took a little longer than my usual 2 hours, because I did some of the finishing work on it in my studio. Even without the subject in front of me, I could vividly remember colour and detail as I altered values and added detail--that is the unique part of En Plein Air etches the subject into your brain.
For anyone interested, in the painting almost invisible behind the trees, lower-mid left is the art gallery with its unique multiple-rounded roof line; the large building in the centre is the court house; the old jail (now a museum) has the peeked green (copper) roof; just behind that is the old court house, which looks like a castle.

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