Sunday, February 04, 2007

Need Help Naming This Painting

(name suggestion?) 12" x 9" acrylic on canvas SOLD

I made this painting Feb 1st, 2oo7, and have yet to name it. It was extremely cold, as I was out driving, I saw this stand of rushes at the side of the road where the snow was very bright and dazzling. I was totally drawn to it. I rarely go out without my camera, but I did this time and I actually drove home to get my camera and then came back to make some reference photos of it.

I really like the colors within the snow, and I like the abstract feel created by the 3 horizontal bands of snow, vegetation and sky. I've yet to name it however, so if anyone can come up with a good name for this painting, leave me a comment, and I may end up using the best as the actual title.


Gord Mackintosh said...

Hi Rob,I was just surfing your sites and think they are great ..the majority vegatation in the 'unnamed' painting looks like the "commonn reed" it is a tall grass with a plume on top. My name would be Snow Reeds.A good site to see this and a ton of other reference and related stuff is
just scoll down to the blue page and click on any of the listings there are a lot of great photos of other plants, birds, animals,and settings that you might find usefull,every thing on the blue page is related to the Common reed and each other.A lot of the pics are hard to get most people don't see that often, ie. swamps, beaver dams etc.... Gord

Gord Mackintosh said...

when i sent this note some of that web site addy never went this part is missing after/mpages/common_reed.htpl

Rob Mackintosh said...

Thanks Gord,
I knew there was a better name than "rushes", I will let it go a bit longer to see if anyone else has naming ideas, and then title it.

Anonymous said...

Soap Suds!! (for the un-named painting)