Friday, May 18, 2007

Exeter Bridge

Exeter Bridge 8.5" x 5" acrylic on Masonite

I am planning to take this painting to a larger size (studio version). I am very happy with the composition in this one. This painting started off as I do most of my work, where I sketch the scene with a brush using either Burnt Sienna or Raw Umber, and I also establish the darks and lights in these first sketching lines. For this painting, I used Burnt Sienna, you'll be able to see it along the edges of the three foreground trees. Not only does under painting add quality and depth to the over painting, but it gives life to the painting when it is occasionally allowed to peek through.

This painting is of a small park just off the main road in a small town in Ontario, Canada called Exeter, a town which is know for the rare White Squirrels that live there.

I hope you enjoy this view.



Bart said...

It looks good indeed! For some reason it has an impressionistic feel.. might be the subject of the archaic stream against the modern highway bridge, plus the soft light against the trees perhaps.
Looks like a perfect subject for a bigger painting.

Rob Mackintosh said...

Thanks Bart, I'm not sure if you can see in the enlargement of it, but I really work at keeping my brushwork loose and quick, and as impressionistic as I can.

I am really looking forward to going bigger with it (right now I'm thinking 32" x 22" to keep the same proportions). I tend to paint a bit tighter with my studio versions, so I'm hoping it maintains the flow and freshness I have in this small version.

René PleinAir. said...

Pity no paintings anymore.

Rob Mackintosh said...

Thanks René I feel the same way about my postings lately. I have some new paintings I'll be posting very soon.